Our People

Meet The Dedicated People Behind PALS

Patient AirLift Services maintains a coordination center to connect people to pilots and oversee the missions. Our staff is dedicated to the PALS mission and always strives to provide every passenger with the absolute best service and experience.


Donna Collins
karen 2 Karen Krolikowski
Mission Coordination Manager
Suzanne Candela
Mission Coordinator
Barbara Ohland
Mission Coordinator
Kirk Thorvaldsen
Pilot Coordinator
amanda Amanda Melilli
Mission Coordinator
John Covell
Director of Operations & Outreach
andrea Andrea McAuliffe
Accounting Associate
Jamie Newberry
Relationship Manager
Jillian Born
Human Resources Manager
annette  Annette Benigno
Outreach Support
Melissa Guida
Deputy Director of Marketing & Community Relations


jeffradke Jeff Radtke
Chairman of the Board
platz headshot 2015 Jim Platz
Vice Chairman
Donna Collins
johnr (1) John Rochelle
Vice Chairman
Joe Howley
Vice Chairman & Secretary
alan-headshot-3 Alan Sheiness
Scott Ashton
Executive Committee Member
ray blydenburgh Ray Blydenburgh
Executive Committee Member


barbara blydenburgh Barbara Blydenburgh Goonan, Michael headshot2 Michael Goonan
Dr. Rhoda C. Kupferberg Joss, Psy.D. Brian Lisoski 
Jim McCloud orourke Jim O’Rourke
Stuart Waldrum Ward Headshot Keith Ward
Paul Weismann

Directors Emeritus

Harold Levy Harold Levy

In Memoriam

Peter Ryan

In Memoriam

Ruthanne Ruzika William Weaver

In Memoriam